The Hurstville Golf Club was established in March 2005 and within the first year we gained a healthy membership of around 450 members. The club is gender neutral and men and women have equal opportunity, access to competitions and benefits within their membership category.

Our home course is the well established Hurstville Golf Course located in Lorraine Street, Peakhurst, NSW, owned and maintained by the Georges River Council, and is open to the public.

Objectives of the Club

  • To encourage participation in the game of golf and enhance the general well being of its members.
  • To provide opportunities, through regular competitions, for the participation of members and the improvement of their skills and capabilities.
  • To abide by the rules and regulations of the International governing bodies of Golf, and respective Australian, NSW, and Regional affiliated associations.
  • To make and prescribe rules to be observed by members and visitors in regulation of conduct on, and use of the facilities of the Club and the privileges of membership.
  • To be a positive influence on the local community.


AGM 2016 Minutes AGM 2016 Minutes (793 KB)

AGM 2017 Auditors Report AGM 2017 Auditors Report (1582 KB)

AGM 2017 Annual Report AGM 2017 Annual Report (2231 KB)



Licenced Club

Our golf club is proudly supported by the St. George Masos.

Located close to the course at:
86 Roberts Ave
Mortdale NSW 2223
Ph: 02 9579 6277