2014 Club Championships - Use of Ride-On Vehicles


The 2014 Club Championships will be conducted over 4 weeks commencing Saturday 23 August.  The Match Committee has decided that if one round is washed out the competition will be reduced to 3 rounds.

To qualify for the Club Championship a player must have competed in 6 club competitions in the 9 months prior to the championship.

Ride-on Vehicles in Championship Events

The use of ride-on vehicles will not be permitted in any Major Championship event unless authorised by the Committee. A member must apply to the Committee (before any relevant qualifying round or the event itself) with a certificate from a medical practitioner stating that he/she would not be able to play in the event without the use of a ride-on vehicle.

Major Championship events are the Men's and Ladies Club Championships, the Matchplay Championships and the Midweek Handicap Championships.


The Match Committee