The Hurstville Golf Club Match Committee would like to congratulate member, Mark Steinhardt for achieving a 3 under Albatross on the 3rd hole on October 1st. Mark playing with Michael Doyle, Paul Voglis and Ron Lea. 

Mark having drove his ball well to be near the pathway leading from the 3rd fairway to the 5th tee, hit a long iron with draw that hit the green and ran towards the back of the green. The group thought it had gone long, but on arriving at the green, Mark’s ball was indeed in the hole. 

Mark shot 3 under on the front nine but gave two back on the back and finished with 69 strokes and 42 points playing of a 5 handicap. 

Congratulations Mark on achieving an exceedingly rare achievement in golf, a 3 under par Albatross. 

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