All Hurstville golf club members and visitors. COVID-19 changes.


All Hurstville golf club members. COVID-19 changes.

The General Committee and the Match Committee have received from both Golf Australia and Golf NSW (sanctioned by the R&A and USPGA) changes that must be made in order to continue playing golf during these times. 
Along with these Golf authorities, it is also necessary that we work closely with Blue-Fit Golf in order to be compliant with both State and Federal Government guidelines on Social Distancing for us to have the course open for play. 
It is extremely important that all members understand that for all of us to continue to participate in golf, these guidelines must be observed. If we choose to do otherwise, Blue-Fit will be required to close operations and hence golfing will cease for at least 6 months or longer.
Also, if you have returned from overseas you must self-isolate and not attend to golf course.  
Golf is one of the few community sports that is currently allowed. Information can change daily, and it is our hope that we can continue to operate. 

Effective immediately the following applies.
At the Pro-shop. 

Players are not to congregate around the first tee as well as in front of the Pro-shop. The 1.5 Meters between players must always apply when at the course. 
If you have a tee time at 8:00 am be at the pro-shop 5 minutes prior and pay green fees by using a card only method. Be ready to go to the first tee with your playing partners. If you arrive early you should remain at your car until time to play. 
There will also be no tables or chairs to congregate after play and beer and wines sales are closed, or where there are fixtures these are considered out of bounds. Please finalise your card at the completion of play, hand it to the Pro-shop staff and leave for home immediately after your round.  
Please also be guided by Blue-Fit staff in the Pro-Shop. There are clear distance markers on the floor if you need to wait to be served. No more than 10 people may be in the Pro-Shop at any one time.
If you require a cart, there can only be one person per cart. Blue-fit is discounting the cost during this period for people that need a cart. This could mean a cart will not always be available so if required you should pre-book. If you usually walk please ensure you continue to do so. 
Course bubblers, taps and ball washers are not to be used. 
Competition tee scheduling.
Scheduling of all competitions from 31st March will result in play from the 1st tee only. This is to ensure that no multiple groups can be waiting on any tee. All playing groups must not join another group on the next tee if there is a delay. Wait well away until the group ahead is clear. We cannot of bottlenecks occurring and therefore breach our Social Distancing guidelines. 

Playing Golf.   
 Players must not handle another golfer’s equipment only their own clubs, ball and tees.
Scorecards are not to be exchanged. You will mark you own card and have an agreed marker, that you will verbally agree with after each hole and score appropriately. Agreement at the end of the round to confirm score, sign your card and hand it to the Pro-shop. No member is to touch the club computer keyboard or the scanner. Blue-Fit staff will input your score. 
During this period there will be not Nearest the Pins or Eagles nests.
When you are on the green, pins are not to be removed. Do not touch the pin except with a gloved hand. The Committee has arranged for a ring to be placed on all flag sticks so that balls will not drop into the holes. If a ball hits the pin and does not drop in due to the hole liner, then it is deemed holed. We encourage players to putt with a gloved hand and to use that hand to remove the ball.  
All bunkers will be out of play during this period. Rakes are not to be touched. Balls should be removed and placed at a point nearest to the entry with no penalty.

This is designed for your safety during this pandemic. We ask all members to act responsibly and to assist Blue-fit in managing our collective wellbeing. We need to remember this is also a public facility. Your health is our concern.

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