Christmas Eve golfers save a life.


The Hurstville Golf Club competition on Christmas Eve almost ended in tragedy except for the quick action and teamwork by club members to save the life of another golf club member.
Brian Edmonds, a Hurstville Golf Club member collapsed on the 5th fairway from a sudden heart attack. A nearby group of members playing another hole along with Brian’s playing mates rushed to his aid. In a team effort they commenced applying CPR, with Jeff Etcell leading the way and then David Curtis feverously working to bring Brian back to life. In the meantime, calls were made to the Pro-shop to urgently get the defibrillator to where Brian lay and to call 000 immediately. The Club Captain, Peter Greig was at the Pro-shop and raced the lifesaving equipment down for Jeff and David.
In between the CPR efforts, Eric Wiseman and Peter Rolfe provided month to mouth and additional support until the defibrillator arrived.
Ambulance personnel soon arrived and took over CPR. Brian was rushed to St. George Hospital in a critical condition but has recovered and is now back at home recovering. As a result of the lifesaving efforts of Jeff and David CPR, Brian sustained several broker ribs.
There is now a photo of Brian in the Pro-shop giving the thumbs up from his hospital bed as he thanks his golfing buddy’s for saving his life. 

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