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The following important information from Golf Australia for our members. 

COVID – 19    

If you have recently returned from overseas, you are now required by law to self-isolate for 14 days upon on your return, as of midnight on Sunday, March 15. During this period, you should not visit your facility for any reason.

If – in the 14 days prior to Sunday, March 15 – you have recently returned from or transited through China, Iran, Italy, Japan, Mongolia or South Korea, we recommend that you do not visit the club facility for any reason – including use of the golf course only – until the 14 day period has elapsed.
We further recommend that if – in the 14 days prior to Sunday March 15 – you have recently returned from or who have transited through Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand or from a cruise holiday and who are experiencing flu-like symptoms you do not visit you’re the club, including the use of the golf course only, for 14 days.
For easy to understand advice, including important health tips, you can also refer to the  World Health Organisation’s advice for the public website.

Member health advice

Golf clubs and facilities are often heavily trafficked, and there is a chance that a member, guest or member of staff will be exposed to, or test positive to, COVID-19.

It is vitally important that if a member, guest or staff member tests positive to COVID-19, they must inform the club/facility as soon as possible. If this has occurred, anyone testing positive will be contacted by the State/Territory Department of Health in relation to contact tracing. 

Playing Golf:

It should be noted that the vast majority of golfers can and should continue to visit our club as per normal. Of course, golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene as has been encouraged by state and federal health departments.

In conjunction with Blue fit here are some of the things that you can do to help eliminate any spread of the virus. Remove use of member cards in place of providing member number at point of sale purchases
Where possible, leaving doors ajar removing the need to push doors open or turn door knobs
No hand shaking
No cash side bets with money changing hands. 
Avoid carrying multiple drinks for your group. 
Wear a putting glove when removing the flag stick and when raking bunkers
Don’t use cash for transactions we encourage ‘Pay-Wave’ transactions where no contact is required

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