Course Rating


Golf Australia is currently re-rating all courses in Australia as part of their overall strategy.
Hurstville golf course was re-rated recently and with the introduction of the new scorecards the new rating will be implemented for all competitions on or after 1st July 2011.

Rating is conducted by a team of trained volunteers who are not allowed to rate their own course. There are many factors involved in rating the course including bunkers,trees, fairway widths, slopes etc however the overriding factor is the length of the course and as Hurstville is a relatively short course there has been a reduction in the rating.

There will now be two Australian Mens Course Ratings (AMCR).
1. Monthly Medals, Club Championships and any other competitions played from the Blue tee (plates or domes) will use an AMCR of 65 (unchanged from the current CCR)

2. All other competitions played off the White tees (plates or domes) wil now use an AMCR of 64.

This will mean that you will now need 41 Stableford points to play to your handicap and on average will have the effect of increasing most handicaps by 1 over the next 20 games. The clubhouse computer has been updated to incorporate these changes and all scores should be entered as before.

The Austrailian Womens Course Rating (AWCR) -- Red tees (Plates or Domes) is unaltered at 68 whether playing Medal or normal competitions.

The par ratings for the course are unchanged ---- Men (Blue or White) 69 ---- Ladies (Red) 71

Further updates will be issued as changes are implemented. For detailed information on actual and proposed changes visit the Golf Australia website and click on Rules and Handicapping.

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