Course Upate June 2019


You will recall the State Government provided a grant to Georges River Council of $2.5 million for construction of a new building and course improvements. Hurstville Golf Club has made an additional funds to bring the total sum available total to $2.9 million.
Last week Members of the Committee met with Council and Bluefit representatives as well as the Stuart Group (they provided a strategy report in January for greens management) to discuss the next steps in the progression of course improvements. Also at the meeting was the Architect appointed to design those projects identified on the course as needing improvement.
After our next meeting with the Council we will be in a better position to let you know what projects will be undertaken with an aim on obtaining the best results for the dollars spent. In other words funds will be directed on those projects the architect, council and golf club agree require the most attention. There will however be a big emphasis on greens and tree management.
There are three different contacts within the council with regards to Hurstville Golf Club and the course. One person overseeing the new building, one person overseeing golf course maintenance and one overseeing capital works.
From a maintenance perspective there has been a significant improvement in golf course maintenance activities. This is not one off and will continue and with the establishment of an ongoing maintenance plan going forward.
With regard of the building Council is now in the early planning stage and are expected to appoint an architect shortly. Again we will be invited to provide an overview of the Golf Club’s needs.
With the amount of work being done there will be some disruption and we together with the council and Bluefit will work together to manage this however we believe that the end result will be well worth any inconvenience that may be experienced.
Once the major works is completed, the building completed and an ongoing maintenance plans in place we will have a course presents well has hole variety, is a challenge and also rewards good golf shots. 

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