Course Update 6


Committee members met with Georges River Council staff, including the greens consultant on Monday 6th May.
Here is an update of key points from that meeting which is designed to keep members informed on improvements and upgrades on our course.

1. The committee presented council with a list of considerations that we believe need addressing. Council agreed to review this list and integrate these considerations where possible into their maintenance programmes. We will keep members updated when we next meet with council.

2. The major focus currently is the greens. Over the next few months spraying will commence on greens to remove weeds. All member should note that this will impact the putting surfaces, however it is all part of the restoration programme and will lead to a longer-term improvement.

3. Fairways have this week been fertilized and this will be ongoing maintenance to improve the fairway surfaces, which are generally improving on most holes.

4. Trees remain a big issue. Council will be looking at establishing a Tree Management Plan. Experts will be sourced to target trees for removal. It is recognised that there are too many trees on the course however there is environmental considerations that council must follow before any removal commences. Once timelines can be established, we will inform members.

5. Water irrigation currently has 80% of sprinkler heads working. Over the next free months this will be at 95% With the target being 100%. 

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