Club Championship - 3rd round update


Due to 1/4 of the field being unable to finish their rounds last Saturday due to hail, lightning and flooded greens, the Match Committee has decided to abandon that round as part of the Club Championships.

Next weekend will be the 3rd round and the 4th round will be played on the 14th of November.

It was also decided that the top 4 players (off scratch) in each grade will be seeded for both rounds 3 and 4 as these times were already put aside for that purpose. It is still a requirement to play in the seeded groups if you want to remain in the Club Championships.
Your new tee time has already been allocated for the 3rd round and you should receive an email in regard to this.
If you do not wish to be seeded please let the club know and we can arrange a new tee time and take you out of the Club Championships.

Match Committee

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