Current tee bookings


The Committee would like to update our members regarding current tee bookings, especially for Saturday’s competition, as we are well aware there is frustration over the last few weeks and a significant increase in player numbers.

Currently the options/procedure is:  
Bookings open 8 days prior to the competition date. 
Saturday & Tuesday competitions - Phone bookings commence at 8.00 am and online bookings from 8.10 am. There are no other options. Walk in bookings are not possible. Saturday is a members only competition, however, a visitor may book in if there is a vacancy on the day. 
Visitors can book in 4 days prior for weekday competitions. 

We understand your frustrations but the current environment means only one tee is available, there is reduced light and there has been an increase in playing numbers.

We have had a number of suggestions of changes we could make to improve the system all of which we considered and in all cases came to the conclusion the current method is the fairest and most effective. 

While more daylight hours and the easing of restrictions may ease the problem we may still be restricted to using one tee as the club house and course upgrade is going to tender in June with work to hopefully commence at the latest by September 2020 on the new building, with course changes and improvements running in parallel with construction. The committee will work with council to allow us to continue competition golf around the work being done over this period. While there may be some pain in the short term the building and course improvements should well and truly outweigh the short-term inconvenience.

We are all looking forward to playing on much better course layout with improved membership facilities available to all. 

Once a tender is appointed, we will provide more details on the building and course upgrade to all members when details are public. 

While we understand matters arise which will means you are unable to play please notify the pro-shop either by cancelling on line or a phone call. The earlier they are informed allows a member to take your spot.

Thank you for your understanding at this time. 

General Committee - HGC.

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