Golf Course Update


A Message for Members

As some will already be aware, significant work has already commenced on the upgrade of the 10th fairway and green. Whilst some unexpected delays have occurred due to the removal a large rock shelf and the substantial rain that has fallen over the past week the excavation work is now complete.
Work is now commenced on the construction of a new 1st and ,10th tees with the inclusion of a practice putting green between the two.
To facilitate these improvements the old gazebo has been demolished with a large section of the area around the old 1st and 10th tees being condoned off as a construction zone. It is expected those restricted areas will be in place some time to come.

Further compounding the available space around the pro-shop and the 9th green and fairway is another restricted area being set aside for the construction of the first module of the new building. Once complete the old Pro-shop will be demolished, and work will commence in earnest on the remainder of the new building.

The flow of people around this area will be restricted and we are asking for your co-operation in moving through these construction sites. The first tee will now be further down the first fairway, there will be a walkway to get there to the left of the end of the existing Pro-shop. Please move down to that area asap so we do not congest the limited front of the building. 
You will finish on the 17th green after playing 17B as a par 3. To return to the Pro-shop, you will move to the 18th tee then transverse that fairway before the bunker and up an area between the work zones on the 10th hole. This will bring you back to the 1st tee. Carefully cross the 1st and return via the walking area to the Pro-shop.     
We would then ask that you load your golf equipment into your car before entering your card. This will help to easy congestion, especially on a Saturday. 
Please be considerate of other golfers when in these locations. Additionally, the entry to the course will vary from time to time, please obey all posted signs and directions. 
We have located some architect’s plans detailing the building layout and artist sketches that depict what the new building will look like. These are displayed just inside the door where the results sheets used to be. It is anticipated the building will up and running by the end of December this year.
In the interim, there will obviously be some inconvenience as all the above works are undertaken. We ask you all to be patient as the end result will be worth the wait. Obviously, the ground works associated with the course improvements project will create the need from time to time to alter the course layouts.  Again, be patient as we move through these necessary changes. 
As more information becomes available our web site will be updated

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