Hurstville Golf Club - Members Update July 2017


Hurstville Golf Club Annual Membership Fees

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Current Membership is Valid to 30 June 2017
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What is going on at The Golf Course?

Last week members of the committee met with Georges River Council to discuss the following:
• Memorandum of Understanding
• The Course and action required to improve it
• The Building/Meeting Room.

The MOU at this stage appears to be acceptable to both parties and is in the process of being signed off,
The MOU will be reviewed annually however it runs from 1 July 2017 through to 2021.

We advised the council we are prepared to proceed and have set aside funds to build the meeting room. .
They will advertise in the next few weeks for tenders.
The tender process and building will be run by the Council
A person from Hurstville Golf Club will sit on the Tender committee.
A lease agreement on our occupancy is being drawn up.

The council have advised they have around $200,000 to spend on the golf course now and together with the Golf Club are compiling a ten year plan of work required.
We discussed priorities for 2017/2018 and agreed on the following.
• 14th tee making some changes to the Tee box which may include moving it back and left.
• 1st and 10th tees improving the Tee Box and the overall presentation to look more presentable.
• 18th fixing the green fairway
• A path from the 2nd tee around the back of the 1st and 10th
• Repairing the path from the 2nd tee to the green and a bollard to stop carts being driven down there
• 7th Green Increasing the green size
• 16th Hole A path from the 16th tee to the 16th green.
• Blue and Red Plates
• Top dressing the lower section of the course.
• Top Dressing Tee Boxes

Georges River Council is in the process of costing these improvements and once finished we can prioritise the work.
The golf club will also look at providing additional funds.
Since our meeting the Golf Club has been advised the course superintendent has been contacted about the funds being available and to start the work on the course as per our meeting.

Course Watering.
The watering system has been completed and should now be fully operational except for a couple of minor repairs that should be completed this week.