Important – Prize account redemptions.


Once again, the club will allow members to take prize redemptions in exchange for gift cards. 
This would normally coincide with the Clubs Annual General Meeting but given that there will be no AGM in 2020 the club will give members an alternative. 
To access this redemption scheme the following is to be strictly followed.  
1. Requests for cards must be made via e-mail to Jeff Etcell’s email,
2. Minimum amount is $50 and in amounts of $50 lots, you will have a choice, Woolworths, or Coles. You need to advise the club how much you are redeeming and which cards you would like. 
3. E-mails must be in by Monday November 9th to allow the club to purchase the required cards. 
4. You will have two mornings to come to the Proshop and collect the cards directly from Jeff. 
5. These are Tuesday 24th and Saturday 27th November. Jeff Etcell will only be in attendance in the Proshop in the mornings of the 2 dates above until 9.00am.

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