Introduction of Maximum Score Rule 21.2 (a-e)


In the recent revision of the Rules of Golf, the R&A introduced a new maximum score rule to speed up the pace of play.  The Match Committee has decided to adopt this rule for stroke rounds commencing immediately.  

The rule will allow you during a stroke events to pick up your ball without incurring a penalty or disqualification once you have reached the maximum score of 10 strokes on any given hole.  A score of 10 will be recorded on your score card.

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Under Maximum Score conditions the penalty of disqualification will not apply in the following 4 circumstances – 

Rule 3.3c – Failure to hole out, 

Rule 6.1b – Failure to correct mistake of playing outside the teeing area in starting a hole, 

Rule 6.3c – Failure to correct mistake of playing a wrong ball, or 

Rule 14.7b – Failure to correct mistake of playing from a wrong place, when there is a serious breach. If a player breaches any other rule with a penalty of disqualification, the player is disqualified.


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