June Monthly Medal - Stroke


On Saturday 6th June we are going to play the Monthly Medal as a stroke event.

Pace of Play is paramount and  Slow Play is selfish play.

An extra ½ hours play has recently been added to the day to give the maximum number of players a chance to play.

We have a full field with the last groups having 4.5 hours to complete their round before running out of daylight.

We ask everyone to be aware of their pace of play, as even the early groups can cause a holdup that effects times throughout the day.

The main aim is to keep moving, eat, talk etc while moving, write your score while waiting to hit off.

Be ready to hit when it’s your turn and limit practice swings to 2 or 3.

Remember the 10 shot mercy rule. If you are playing your 10th shot don’t bother just pick up and move on.

If playing stroke doesn’t work on the day we may have to go back to Stableford for Medal days for a while.


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