Success for Team Hurstville with the Longest Day 72 Hole Golf Marathon


Congratulations to Prescila Keogh and Paul White on completing the Longest Day 72 Hole Golf Marathon.  

The pair teed off at 5:30am on Monday and completed their first 36 holes well ahead of their scheduled time.  By the third round the heat and humidity started to kick in and Prescila and Paul were starting to feel the strain.

With the threat of a thunderstorm in the final round, Prescila and Paul actually managed to increase their pace and finish their golfing marathon more than an hour earlier than expected.  

Prescila and Paul would like to thank everybody who assisted them on the day and make special mention of BlueFit's support.  Stewart and Paul from BlueFit were incredibly supportive by providing access to the course and helping to clear the way through the very understanding social groups.  Stewart also has an early start by opening the course at 5:30am so Team Hurstville could tee off at first light. 

A big thank you also goes out to everybody who made donations to the Team Hurstville's fundraising for the Cancer Council of NSW.  $2,500.00 was raised which will be used by the Cancer Council to fund research in the prevention and the treatment of cancer as well as supporting the people and the families who have been impacted by cancer.  

You can still donate via the Team Hurstville fund raising page by clicking on the DONATE NOW button below. 

Paul and Prescila on the final hole of their 72 Hole Golfing Marathon