Match Play Championship 2020 - results


Semi Final

Rick Sinclair win v Ken Hawkins (forfeit) 

Daniel Gojanovic 2/1up v Angelo Cougelis

Round of 8

Ken Hawkins 3/2up Andrew Martin

Rick Sinclair 4/3up v Ian Edwards

Angelo Cougelis 1up v Janette Lisle

Daniel Gojanovic 5/4up v Mark Roberts

Round of 16

Ken Hawkins v Simon Andrews (forfeited)

Andrew Martin v Brandon Mudaliar (forfeited)

Rick Sinclair 5/3up v Nick Weisz

Ian Edwards 4/2up v Jason McFadyen

Janette LisleEdward Chan (forfeited)

Angelo CougelisZakarias Sampson (forfeited)

Daniel Gojanovic 5/4up v Nick Pantano 

Mark Roberts (20th hole) v David Hancock

Please check for tee times next week