Mid Week Eclectic Competition


The Club will be running an Eclectic Competition in conjunction with Tuesday, Thursday and Friday competitions. The competition will commence on Tuesday 1st August and finish Tuesday 3 October.   Tiger Tee, Ambrose and Legacy Day events will be excluded from the eclectic competition.

To participate you need to register either online (below) or in the Pro Shop by the first round of the competition. 

To be eligible you will need to:
  • Be a financial member of the club,
  • Have a current GA handicap,
  • Register prior to the first round, and
  • Participate in at least two mid week comps during the competition period.
Click Here to Register Online



Prizes will be paid out for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Scratch and Nett for both the men's and women's competitions.


Entry Fee

A one-off $5 entry fee will be charged.  Players can either have the entry fee deducted from accrued prize money or they can pay in cash in the pro shop.  The entry fee will cover the prizes so the more people who enter, the more prize money will be won.

Late Registration
Late registrations will be accepted after the the start of the competitions but rounds will only count from that point forward.  Late entries must be emailed to: hgc.match@gmail.com

A Weekend Eclectic Comp has been scheduled to commence on the 3rd week of January 2018.  We will provide details for this later in the year.

What is an Eclectic?

An Eclectic is a stroke completion that is played over multiple rounds.  The lowest score obtained on each hole on rounds played during the competition period is put together to create an 18 hole score.

For the Nett competition , the total score is subject to a deduction of the player’s full daily handicap on the last day of the competition. The lowest stroke score after handicap adjustment is the winner.

If you wipe a hole in a stableford round, the round still counts and you can improve your score on that hole next time you play.  


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