New Local Rules


Two new local rules have come into effect.

Relief from Safety Fence on Driving Range

If your ball lays within the area of the four white posts behind the practice tee safety fence, the ball may be played “as it lies” or relief may be taken by dropping the ball within two club lengths of the forward left hand side of fence (no nearer the hole).
If the safety fence impedes your stance or swing but is not in the white post marked area, a two club length relief may be taken, no nearer the hole.

Relief from “Containers” between 8th & 9th fairways

Relief from a Temporary Immovable Obstruction is normally allowed when there is physical interference or line of sight interference from the TIO.
“Line of sight” relief may be taken by taking a drop at the nearest point of relief from the containers, no nearer the hole from where the ball lay.

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