NSW Ambrose Saturday 17th August 2019


This is a state events run by GolfNSW and are open to all members. The competition is a mixed event.

Stage 1: Golf Club's Qualifying Round
A Golf Club's qualifying round must be conducted as a two-person Ambrose event. The leading male, female and mixed pair at each Club qualifying will advance to Stage 2. If a leading pair is unavailable for Stage 2, the next placed pair may replace them.
Club qualifying dates should be scheduled prior to 1 September to ensure qualifiers have sufficient time to attend their chosen Regional Final.
Each nominating Club is entitled to have a pair in the men’s, women’s and mixed categories progress to Stage 2.
If a club has more than 20 pairs in any of the men’s, women’s and mixed competitions pay to play, they are entitled to have two (2) pairs progress to Stage 2, in that competition.

Handicap Restrictions:
1. The Pair must have a minimum combined daily handicap of 8 (eg. if one player's daily hanidcap is 4 and the second players daily handicap is 2 - they cannot play together because combined that is only 6)
2. Each player in the pair must have no more than 20 strokes difference in their daily handicap. (eg. If the lowest marker's daily handicap is 5, their partner must play off no more than a daily handicap of 25).
NOTE: If a pairs daily handicaps are more than 20 strokes different, the higher marker will be limited to a daily handicap 20 strokes above the lower marker’s daily handicap.
3. The pair’s PLAYING handicap on the day will be ¼ of their combined daily handicap.
4. Each player must use at least 6 tee shots during a round.
5. Tee shots used MUST be indicated on the scorecard.

You will need to register your team prior to commencing play. A registration sheet will be available when you arrive on the day and collect your scorecard. Entry is free as the club will cover the cost for each members participation.

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