On-Line Member Portal Now Available


We are happy to advise that the on-line Member Portal is now available for use.  To access the member portal click on MEMBERS in the menu above.


To logon you will need:

     User Name: your membership number (without any leading zeros)
     Default Password:

You will be prompted to change your password as soon as you login for the first time.

Tee times will be become available 8 days prior to the competition date at 8:10am. We anticipate that there will be some adjusting of the release times as we attempt to get the best balance between phone and internet bookings. We are interested to hear your feedback on this.

Member Portal Menu:

  • Competition View
    You can see what upcoming competitions have been scheduled.  The Tuesday comps don't display correctly on the screen when you hover your mouse over them and we are going to fix this.
  • Results
    This will show a live leader board of the current competition and the place getter's for competitions that have been closed.  To select a report switch between the Results and Prizes option at the top of the screen once you have selected your competition.  Hint: If you didn't play in the competition select All Competitions.
  • Tee Booking
    You will be able to view and book tee times on line.  For a user guide on Tee Booking please download this manual:

    Member Online Booking Procedures Member Online Booking Procedures (392 KB)

    Members should note that it is not ok to cancel your booking at the last minute using the member portal.  Please call the Pro Shop if you need to withdraw on competition day so a stand-by member can play in you spot.  We have reports that monitor this and we will be watching.
  • My Accounts
    To be completely honest, I don't really know what this does, but I will find a use for this and let you know.
  • My Messages
    The club (and the system) can now send messages to an individual or a group.
  • My Handicap
    Sends you through to GolfLink to retrieve your Golf Australia handicap.
  • My Partners
    Ignore this.  It will be removed very soon.  You are able to set up regular playing partners in the tee booking section.
  • My Details
    You are now able to update your member details on-online.  The changes need to be checked and sent to a separate database so the update will not happen immediately.
  • Member Directory
    This section needs to be fixed in the next couple of days to correctly display a members directory.
  • Business Directory
    We love our members and would like to promote your business.  Send us an email if you are interested and I will try and find out how it works.
  • Logout
    Takes you back to the home page of the club's web site.  The system has a time-out if it is inactive for a while.  You will get a fairly unhelpful error message telling you there is a problem.  Return to the Home page and log in again.

Like any new system, it is likely there will be some unexpected features (aka: bugs).  Send us an email at h.gc@live.com.au and let us know if you see anything you think is wrong or if you need some help