On-line Tee Booking System



The Committee has completed an initial review of a number of options for the on-line booking system and advises the available options have been narrowed down to two suppliers, Micropower and MiClub.

Micropower is the current system use by the club to administer the club’s competitions, accounting and membership functions.

We are now evaluating both providers via;

  • practical demonstrations to ensure that we secure the best possible outcome in terms of return on investment;
  • by review of product support and connectivity issues to third party systems, and 
  • through an exhaustive cost analysis comparison of both systems.

The Micropower online tee time booking product is new to the market with limited uptake at present, whereas the MiClub product is currently used at approximately 300 clubs Australia wide. 
From a booking perspective both offer similar features and either would be suitable.
From a technology perspective the Micropower product is an upgrade to the existing suite of programmes the Golf Club currently uses. Whereas MiClub is a standalone product and capable of interfacing with the back-office functions of our existing Micropower system or can, if so desired, interface with other third-party back-office system running MYOB for accounting and membership functions.

The selection process is now concentrating on issues of reliability, service, support and ongoing operating costs.

From a cost perspective, both products require a significant one time upfront cost of between $7,500 and $10,000 along with expected ongoing monthly support and licensing costs of approximately $600 per month ($7,200 per annum) to $800 per month ($9,600 per annum).

This means we will need to assess if your Club can absorb these additional ongoing costs under our current fee structure or whether we will need to increase membership and/or competition fees to cover these costs. If we absorb the costs there will be less money available each year to use on course improvements.

We are now in the process of talking to other golf clubs on their experiences with reliability and support from these providers as well as how they have incorporated online booking with their existing booking arrangements. Predominantly, the majority of clubs within Sydney use an online system as the second or third booking option. The first option most clubs use is being ‘in person’ or via direct contact. This is not what the Club was lead to believe at last year’s AGM and needs to be clear to all Members when determining how and when access to an on-line booking facility is implemented.

From a reliability and support perspective both suppliers seem to be well respected although there is presently little practical experience of the Micropower option as it has only been in the market place for a limited period of time. From a user perspective the MiClub options appears to be the most favoured.  

With regard to implementation should it be ratified an online system be implemented,  both suppliers have advised it will take a minimum of 5 weeks to implement (subject to availability of committee members and Bluefit staff) once contracts have been signed. However, due to the potential impact on the clubs accounting system and availability of the personnel involved, we will not be in a position to make a decision on the timing until after we have closed off the end of year accounts.

A further update will issue once our final analysis is completed, the end of May is the scheduled date.
Hurstville Golf Club Committee