Postponed Competition Saturday 11th February 2017


With the prediction of extreme temperatures of over 40 degrees tomorrow we have made decision to cancel the competition at Hurstville Golf Course on Saturday 11th February 2017.

If overnight there is a change in weather conditions, we will review the decision in the morning.

Members can still play if they want to however there will be no sanctioned competition. Members can still complete a scorecard and send it Golflink.

The decision was made after referring to The Golf Australia Hot Weather Guidelines which have been adapted from Sports Medicine Australia policies and guidelines regarding the prevention of heat illness in sport in children and adults.

The risks involved with heat illness from vigorous exercise are significant. While the lower activity levels of golf compared to athletics mean that the risks are somewhat reduced, the individual response to heat varies from person to person and therefore no hard and fast guidelines will suit every member of a population.

Those who need to be especially vigilant include children, overweight people, those unacclimatised (having come from cooler climes), those who are unwell or otherwise at risk. Factors which impair the body’s ability to dissipate heat are: High ambient temperature Solar Radiation Humidity (which compromises the efficacy of sweating) Dehydration.

The recommendation for temperature of 36° & above with a greater than 25% humidity is to consider postponement to a cooler part of the day or cancellation.

While it is disappointing to have to cancel the competition, we have not made the decision lightly and done with the best interest of our members.. 

Hurstville Golf Club