Saturday Competition Booking


Visitor Bookings.

With the increasing popularity of our Saturday competitions there is great demand for the limited number of early tee times.
To make as many of these times as possible available to members the committee have decided to restrict visitors from booking until noon on the Wednesday immediately preceeding the Saturday comp.In special circumstances the Match Committee may permit a visitor to book in earlier.This will take effect from 1st May 2011.

No Shows.

Each Saturday there are a small number of players who do not show for their booked tee time, denying other members the chance to play.  With immediate effect a register of "no shows" will be kept and after an initial "please explain" letter repeat offenders will be subject to a period of booking restrictions. We realise that there may be occasions on which sudden events prevent attendance, but we would urge everyone to contact the proshop as soon as they realise that they will be unavailable.
With the start of the cooler months we would like to remind members that there are still plenty of tee times available  between 10.30am and 12 noon.
The Match Committee