Score Card Scanning Now Available


Score card scanning is available for all competitions commencing Thursday 2 June 2017.  Players are now asked to complete the left side of the score card in addition to the sections currently used.  The new method is simple to use but if you would like to view an instruction sheet click on the link below.

Score Card Scanning Instructions Score Card Scanning Instructions (685 KB)

Please Note: You still need to write your stroke score on the card and this will be the primary record of your score. 

Tips for completing the score card 

  • The grid can be completed in either pencil or pen. 
  • Place an X in the box that corresponds with your stroke score.
  • If you make a mistake, scribble out the wrong entry and place an X in the correct score.
  • If you wipe a hole, place an X in the Pick Up column.
  • if your score exceeds 10, place an X in the 10 column and and X in the column which adds up to your score.


Scan multiple cards at once.

You can load all the cards from your whole group into the scanner feeder tray at the one time or you can scan one by one. It does not matter which way you feed the cards into the scanner as it scans both sides of the card and can determine which is the correct view.

Manual Score Card Entry Still Available
When entering your score, you will still be given the option to use the old manual method, but we encourage to give the scanning a go.  We are confident that you will find it simple to use with very few manual corrections required and, once everybody is used to the new system, it will be faster.

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