Slow Play Policy


Hurstville Golf Course (HGC)

Slow Play Policy

Many of the new rules of golf, introduced from 1 January 2019, were framed to improve the Pace of Play (POP) in the game.  Given that focus, the Match Committee (MC) is committed to resolving slow play issues during HGC competitions, by implementing and endorsing the following policy.


Any Marshall allocated for HGC competitions, has the authority to request any player or group of players to make up distance relative to the group in front. Options available to the Marshall may include –

Where a group falls well behind the group ahead and is asked by a Marshall to make up distance and does so effectively, no further action will be necessary;

Where a group repeatedly falls well behind the group ahead and is asked to make up distance and fails to do so, to the Marshalls satisfaction, the group will be advised that they have held up the field’. An official letter from the MC to the group that they have each incurred a Slow Play warning;

Should a group fall 2 holes behind the group in front, the Marshall will advise the group they have ‘held up the field’ and ask the group to pickup their balls and move directly to the next tee. In this circumstance, the score to be recorded for that hole will be zero stableford points or the equilivent score in a stroke competition.  An official letter from the MC that they have each incurred a serious Slow Play warning; 

Should any player ignore an instruction from a Marshall, they may be penalised stroke/s or disqualified from the competition.

General Play

The same principles and actions, as stated above, will apply to Pace of Play in non- marshalled competitions conducted by HGC. That is, there is an expectation that all club members will self monitor and take appropriate actions to ensure their group maintains their position in the field. This is particularly relevant as competition participants are increasing in number more recently.

Should your group fall behind the pace of play, the lowest handicapped player should encourage each member of the group to catchup to the group ahead. Nevertheless, it is each individual player’s responsibility to make every effort to maintain their pace of play in the field.

Sanctions for Slow Play

The MC acknowledges that the vast majority of members self govern their pace of play effectively. Nevertheless, many groups may experience the affects of slow play from groups ahead of them in the field.

In the spirit of improving pace of play for the whole field, the MC is determined to address the shortcomings of slow play. The MC will exercise discretion in applying the appropriate sanction in the best interests of the HGC and its members.

  1. Verbal and written warnings for a range of breaches;
  2. Penalty strokes may be imposed for serious breaches;
  3. Repeated breaches by individuals may necessitate future play at the rear of the field;
  4. Disqualification from a competition e.g. failure to abide by a Marshalls direction;
  5. Suspension from competition play for 3 months, for multiple breaches of this Policy.

Slow play is selfish play.

The Match Committee

June 2020

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