Women's Medal Competition


Feb 2016 - July 2016.  Minimum of 12 participants

The Women's Medal Competition is an event run by Golf NSW.  It occurs over six stroke rounds where the player with the lowest nett aggregate three scores is the winner in each grade.   You do not need to play in all six rounds to participate in the competition. 

To participate in this event please add your name to the registration sheet on the club notice board or send an email to vicki.hoare@gmail.com


  • Club qualification rounds will be conducted on the Monthly Medal rounds from February 2016 to July 2016. 
  • The winners qualify for the Metropolitan Play Off at Carnarvon Golf Club on the 5th December 2016. 
  • The State Finals will be played at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club on 14th December 2016.


Golf NSW charges a cost of $5 per player which needs to be paid by the March Monthly Medal.


Golf NSW has allowed clubs to determine their own grades.  We have set a minimum of 12 players to participate in two grades.  If 15 players participate we will have three grades.  The handicap for each grade will be determined to allow for an even split of players.

For more information please visit the Golf NSW Information page

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